Scoring twice with the same product. Apple did it again. First they launched the iPhone, and two years later they release a firmware update that contains all important functions – which are standard in most mobiles – that the iPhone lacks. To be honest, when I saw my twitter account full of tweets of happy campers who upgraded their iPhone with the latest firmware, I was jealous.

For over a month I could test an Android G1, but as I had to give it back, I was stuck with my HTC Touch Diamond again. I didn’t like the Windows Mobile 6.1 / Touch Flow anymore, so why shouldn’t I try to flash the ROM?

Some trial and error later: tadaa, a HTC Touch Diamond with Windows Mobile 6.5!
The Home screen

The start menu

You can hardly operate a Windows Mobile 6.1 device without having to use the stylus. With a WM 6.5 this is much less the case. As you can see in the picture below, the menu options are much bigger, which makes it less difficult to operate it with your fingers. No more fiddling with the stylus anymore if you want to use the basic functions (taking a call, checking your mail, etc.)


How to upgraden? is the place to be!

1) Create a free account. You’ll need it to be able to download attachments.
2) Read this forum post and carefully follow the instructions!
2.1) Upgrading to HardSPL
2.2) Upgrading Radio
2.3) Flashing a ROM (see point 3)
3) I used this (BsB 6.5L Black) ROM

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  • Flashing the rom is at own risk. I can only tell you that with the above information I was able to flash my mobile and it’s working fine.

  • just confused about the radio’s?
    it says something about different radios for different networks and not sure which to get
    im on vodafone australia if that matters

  • just confused about the radio‚Äôs?
    it says something about different radios for different networks and not sure which to get
    im on airtel india p3490 if that matters plzz send me reply plzzz

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