Welcome to my projects-page. Here, I will show you the different projects I’m working on. Each project page contains a brief introduction and links to all project related blog posts. You can also read all published blog posts in chronological order on the blog page.

Nano Keyer

My version of the open source Arduino based CW contest keyer, developed by K3NG. I started from the hardware design of DJ0MY. My goal was to make a fully functional keyer that could be made entirely from parts sourced on AliExpress. Although companies like DigiKey and Mouser deliver excellent service, they are rather expensive if you only need one or two parts. Most Hams already have a bunch of parts, that are needed for this project, in their (junk) box.

The Automatic Magnetic Loop Tuner

My story about the built of the Automatic Magnetic Loop tuner, designed by Loftur E. Jónasson – TF3LJ / VE2LJX.  I started with just following the provided instructions and ended with creating my own PCB’s and SWR Bridge kits.

QRP Labs QCX – 5W CW Transceiver

To keep myself motivated, while studing CW, I’ve built a QRP Labs QCX CW Transceiver. Meanwhile, I have already mastered the entire alphabet and two QCXs have already been built. Maybe I’ll buy a third QCX mini?

External Keypad for Icom radios

My attempt in making a low cost, easy to make, external keyboard for Icom radios. This keypad can be used as a voice, CW, RTTW keyer in combination with the built in keyer of your Icom radio.

Power and SWR Meter – Multi Band Calibration

Code changes done to Loftur’s Power and SWR meter to make exact calibrations, using a signal generator and storing the calibration values for different bands.

QRP Antenna Tuner – Z Match

Portable antenna tuner for my QRP transceivers.