Let me show you how to make fire with a bottle of wine.

Just like if you were using a magnifying glass it’s all about bundling as much as sun rays as possible and make them come together on one small spot. I used a small bottle of South African Chenin Blank from a local discount warehouse. I think it speaks for itself if I tell you that it will not work with red wine, as it will block to much the sun rays.

Probably I’d better drink the wine and filled the bottle with clear water, but that was not necessary for this small experiment.

Making Fire With A Bottle Of Wine

Making Fire With A Bottle Of Wine

Making Fire With A Bottle Of Wine

What you see is a smoldering piece of dried leaf. I have to admit I didn’t get any flames on my quickly gathered pile of tinder, but that would have only be a matter of time. I saw once a episode of href=”http://lesstroud.ca/”>’Survivarman’ Les Stroud in which it took him almost 4 hours to get a fire going using a lens from a broken video camera.

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