A lot op people make fun of the IKEA furniture packages. Screws or bolts are missing, the instructions are not clear or detailed enough and you always need a tool that is not present. My idea is that most people who share this idea do not have a good eye for detail. I bought already lot’s of stuff at IKEA and I never missed one screw.

Yes I did have some issues putting the goods together, but that was my own fault. The included instructions were so detailed but I missed the part where was depicted which side was up. Two big holes on the right means up, two small holes on the right means down. I only figured out that something was wrong when I wanted to install the latest piece. I had to breakdown everything again to fix my mistake.

But can you imagine there are people who don’t even care about that. The just need some parts of the package and will alter it the way they want to have it. They even have a website: http://ikeahacker.blogspot.com/

Being a fan of thinking outside the box, I also wanted to do some IKEA hacking myself. My wife wanted a little side table that fits our furniture, but we couldn’t find a nice and reasonably priced one, so we decided to hack some IKEA stuff. We bought a cheap
Ingo dining table (2 persons) and made a nice little side table of it.

First of all: unpack everything and check if all pieces are present.

Because the table was too high (73cm) I had to cut down the table-legs to 43cm (tabletop = 2cm, so the table will measure 45cm in total). Be very cautious when cutting the table-legt: cut off the bottom and not the top! You’ll need the top for further constructing the full table.
Warning: ask your wife first if you can do this inside.

when done, just follow the instruction from the manual. If something isn’t going easy, you’re doing it wrong and should check the details!

And here is the result:

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