A few days ago Google launched Google Voice. It’s an incredible smart solution for he who uses a (mobile) phone. So basically: everybody. Unfortunately it’s not yet opened for everybody, and currently only in the US.

Google Voice can do lot’s of things you didn’t even know you would ever need. First of all you only need one number for all your telecom devices. You can select which phones need to ring when someone tries to reach you on your Google number. You can block calls, forward calls and reroute calls. You can text sms’s make calls and ofcourse receive calls. You can even do a listen in: before you decide to answer your caller you can listen to what he’s is telling you on your voicemail. I think I would be a great fan of that function.

Your voicemail has also some other very interesting features, like voicemail transcripts (get an email with the text what your voicemail says) and personalization greetings. Say “hello” to your boss and “Wazaah” to your friends.

It can even do more: you can set up conference calls, record calls and switch from device while you are calling. And all of this for free! I can’t wait until this is available in my country.

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