I ordered a Bushcrafter knife from Lance Ockenden aka Driftwoodwalker.

Had to wait almost four months, but it was worth it. Check it out!


The handle is made from curly birch lined with black liner and fixed with some nice mosaic pins. The lanyard hole measures 8mm.


The knife is very well balanced and feels very comfortable in both the forhand- and the chest lever-grip. Needless to say these are my two most used knife grips.


Ofcourse the knife got a scandi-grind. Ideal for cutting and carving wood, but also very easy to sharpen on japanese waterstones.


The firesteel is attached to the sheath and the handle of the firesteel is made from the remainder of the handle material.


The knife fits very secure in the wet molded leather sheath. The firesteel however could use some extra safety lanyard. The lanyard is made with some paracord and a lanyardknot.


Spoon carving… Is there a better way to baptize a bushcraft knife?



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