What’s in your geocaching bag? I’ll show you what’s in mine!

First of all: the bag. It’s a Maxpedition Lunada.

I had an argument with a guy the other day because I called it “my murse”. A man purse. I should have called it my tactical gearslinger. Whatever, it’s a bag that’s used to carry items that will not fit your pockets anymore. Or that still would fit your pockets, but you want to keep things organised and ready to go. Before you leave on your geocaching trip, you don’t want to grab all bits of pieces together, but just grab your bag.

On the front shoulder strap I attached my Fenix LD20 pocket torch and my Garmin Etrex H.

Because the velcro of the Fenix LD20’s holster isn’t that strong I secured it with some para-cord to the D ring on the Lunada’s shoulder strap.

Just an image to show both items ­čÖé

I the small front top pocket I keep some sugar, and a bar of cereals. Some spare batteries, both for the GPSr and the LD20 and several pens.

In the front lower pocket I carry my notebook, a multi-tool, some hand sanitizer, a Fire-steel, tweezers and a compass.

In the main pocket, in the back compartment I keep my first-aid kit and two (2) pack’s of tissues. It can be used for blowing my nose, but it’s basically there for doing number two in the woods.

The zip pocket is stuffed with some alcohol swaps to clean my hands after some geocache digging. I always forget to take a stick our use gloves to pry in the dirt. And when I do think about it, my hands are mostly already dirty, so I continue. If you want to eat your lunch afterwards, it’s thus a good idea to have something in you bag to clean your hands.

Underneath I have several zip-lock bags. Both to replace torn ones in geocaches, but also to collect things in the wood (pine cones, blue- and blackberries, birch bark etc…).

Those are the things that are always sitting ready in my geocaching bag.

In the main compartment I carry, depending on the length of the trip, food (lunch, biscuits, fruit), beverages (500ml / 16 oz.nalgene bottle) and a rain coat.

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  • I see you got the swedish fire-steel army model, I think it’s a must have in any survivor-kit. It’s an awesome gadget.

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