On the 15th of March 2017, we were ready to test our final product. The Automatic Magnetic Loop Tuner was fully assembled, programmed and connected to the antenna and transceiver. Time to turn the VFO around and see if we can make some contacts.

Imagine the following situation: 15th of March 2017, 21:00 UCT, 20m band, no sunspots that day. One OM is alone in the workplace, the other OM is getting some stuff from the shack elsewhere in the house. When the second OM returns to the workplace, the first OM tells him he made a contact with K2GAV, Theodor from Connecticut, 5800 km away from their location. The signal report was 57

On top of that, the antenna setup is the one from the picture below. Inside the workplace, 1m apart from an aluminium garage door, steel beams in the roof.

Magnetic Loop And Automatic Magnetic Loop Tuner

I don’t have to explain to you the disbelieve of the second OM, who immediately grabs the mike and calls for K2GAV. K2GAV returns but the signal is getting weaker. A new contact is made, however this time with a report of 56. This antenna setup, the timing and the conditions were all but ideal, yet we managed to make a DX contact! This proves that the Magnetic Loop antenna is an ideal antenna for people with little space to put a big antenna. You don’t need to say your favourite hobby goodbye if you have to move to an apartment.

Long live the magnetic loop antenna and the Automatic Magnetic Loop Tuner!

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