The first thing you need to do with this kit is to wind the toroid. You can do this by clamping the toroid between thumb and forefinger and wrapping it like this.


There is however, a better way to do this. By clamping the toroid in your vice like shown in the pictures below.

20200607_145243 20200607_145233

This way you have both hands free to make nice firm windings. Don’t forget to check regularly how many windings you have already made. The toroid must be wound exactly according to the schedule given in the manual.

When counting the windings of a toroid, one should count the number of times the wire goes through the center of the toroid. This however can be very difficult as the toroid is rather small and there is not much space to easily count the number of windings. Another option is to count the number of windigs you can count on the outside of the toroid and add 1. That should give you also the correct number of windings.

in the end you have to get something like this. Isn’t it beautiful?


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