I always wanted to be able to decipher Morse code. Even before I had my basic license, I had already started learning the Morse alphabet. And you can take that literally. I never got much further than “starting”.

According to my excercise book, I started for the first time in October 2015. I kept it up for two weeks then. In May 2016 I made one excercise, in March 2017 two. I restared in December 2017, again for two weeks. Then again, did one excercise in November 2018. I can assure you, you won’t learn it that way.

Probably I was too busy discovering the many other aspects of the hobby. SSB, PSK, RTTY, FT8, building magnetic loops and Automatic Magnetic Loop Controllers. It wasn’t until I got a little tired of all that, and noticed couldn’t use half of the spectrum I was given, that I made the click: I was going to learn CW. This time for real!

Since October 2019 I have been doing a 10-minute exercise every day. For this I use the app of IZ2UUF. In total I only missed about 5 days. And that is all you really need to learn CW: practice and dedication.

Maybe you also need something else to stay motivated, such as rewarding yourself with a transceiver that you can put together yourself and with which you can further practice your learned CW? A QCX perhaps?
There you have it, the reason why I bought and built the QCX.

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