Last week, all but one of the parts to assemble the IC-7300 external keyboard arrived. The missing part is the 8pin screw connector, but I can actually do without that. The finish may not be as nice, but it does allow me to test the prototype. And you know what? It worked! 😉

Although I am very pleased with the result, I have found some things that can be done differently:

  • If I change the size of the rubber feet from 13mm to 11mm I can fit the 3 “PJ-324” connectors next to each other on the right side.
  • On the left side, this will give me enough space to place 2 8P8C connectors (also known as RJ45 connectors). These connectors will make it easier to connect the microphone cable and will give the keyboard a more professional looking finish.
  • The PTT will be vertically centralised, between the Up and Down button
  • The memory buttons will be placed in the 4 corners around the PTT button.
  • changes the name from IC-7300 keyboard to External Keypad for Icom Radios as I’ve noticed there are al lot of Icom radios that share the same connectors and resistor values. (Like e.g. the IC-9700 and the IC-7600)

This gives us something like this:

When the 8P8C connectors arrive, and I can check if I made the footprints correctly, I’ll order some PCB’s to make some keyboards for our local ham radio club members.
UPDATE: the 8P8C connectors that I ordered did not fit. I had to change the footprint.

To be continued 😉

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  • Buenas tardes
    On an internet page I have found this little circuit to connect to the Icom 7300 station. I am interested in connecting the headphones with the microphone and on the other hand being able to activate the transmission PTT button. I am also interested in being able to activate TUNE and UP and DOWN. So when I see that you have made a little circuit that I could use for my printer, I have a question about the pcb board. It is possible to buy one. I have also seen that there is a gerber type file where the plate is drawn. I can use it to make my pcb board. It would only be for me, not for commerce.

    Kind regards

  • Hi Wojtek, I sent you an email to discuss the different possibilities. When other OM’s have questions, feel free to send me an email as well.

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