As I mentioned in my previous post, there were some things that could be improved about the IC-7300 External Keyboard. I closed that post with the thought that before I had a new version of the PCB made, I should check the footprint of the 8P8C connector. And happy that I did.

The 8p8c connectors, that I had based my design on, are 21mm long. Little did I know that there are also models that are only 18 mm long. No need to worry, because a footprint can be adjusted in no time, and the PCB had not been ordered yet either. A few moments later, the new design was ready, so a test fitting could be done.

The footprints of the PJ-324 connectors and the Omron  B3F-4055 push buttons had already proved to be correct in the previous prototype. I used them to check, whether the scale on which I had printed out the PCB image, was correct. Everything looked fine this time and a new order for a PCB prototype was sent out. Well in time for the Chinese New Year, which falls on 12 February this year.

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