Koninklijke Unie van de Belgische Zendamateurs vzw

Belgian Amateur Radio Station

Yaesu FT-857 D
DMR id: 2064093
Locator: JO20su

About me:

Graduated in Information Technology, doing marketing in a digital world for a large telecom company. I’ve always been interested in electronics. In 2015 I made the decision to become an amateur radio operator. After passing the needed exam in 2016, I was allowed to call myself ON3IA. I got totally infected with the ham radio virus and was eager to learn more about it. I ordered ON6TM’s HAREC handbooks and started to study on my own. About 200 hours of studying later I passed the HAREC exam and got a full licence. Since March 2017 I’m also known as  ON5IA.

If you reached this page because your are interested in the Automatic Magnetic Loop Tuner you can click on the following link to find all information about it. https://en.golb.be/the-automatic-magnetic-loop-tuner/

My favorite projects so far:

To Automaticall Tune A Magnetic Loop Antenne by Loftur E. Jónasson – TF3LJ / VE2LJX
Power and SWR meter also by Loftur.